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Step by step to the end product through enzyme catalysis

Enzymes from microorganisms can produce valuable chemical substances. In a cascade, they can do that even if they need different environmental conditions.

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Funding for catalyst research

With a total of around 240,000 euros, the Mercator Research Center Ruhr is funding two cooperative projects between the RUB and its partners in the University Alliance Ruhr.

© RUB, Marquard Photography

News feed

  • 2022 – Admission to the EU supported network COST Action CA21162 entitled „Establishing a Pan-European Network on Computational Redesign of Enzymes (COZYME)“
  • 2022 - Approval of the MERCUR cooperation grant „ Combinatorial expression systems for complex genes“, together with TU Dortmund, Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2022 - Approval of the project „BiodeCCodiNNg“ as EU supported doctoral network together with international partner universities and industries; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2022 - Dirk Tischler presented a lecture at the Göttingen Microbiology Colloquium on “Actinobacteria, metabolic power and flexibility”
  • 2022 - Our team was presenting at the BioCat22 in Hamburg. Congrats to Daniel Eggerichs for receiving one of the Poster Awards!
  • 2022 - our iGEM Team 2022 is presented in the trade press
  • 2021 - Approval of the project „CleanWater“ as a BMWi supported project together with IDS Miesbach GmbH and DIMATEC Analysentechnik GmbH; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2021 - our first iGEM Team receives a gold medal for their project and is portrayed on TV
  • 2021 - Approval of the project „EnzymPrint“ as a BMWi supported project together with Hirsch Engineering Solutions GmbH & Co. KG; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2020 - Dirk Tischler was announced as Counry Ambassador for the American Society for Microbiology to Germany
  • 2020 - Dirk Tischler was elected into the Board of the common specialist group "Biotransformations" of DECHEMA and VAAM
  • 2020 - Group participated at the VAAM meeting in Leipzig, Antje and Marika had poster pitch and short presentation
  • 2020 - Marika presented her work on Siderophores at the VAAM Leipzig
  • 2019 - Approval of MERCUR Starting Grant „Functionalization of bacterial metabolites from the degradation of aromatic compounds: Glutathione S-Transferases“; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2018 - Successful approval of the BioCOnversion project; contact: Carolin Mügge
  • 2018 - Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology in Wolfsburg

29.10.2022 Anna C. Lienkamp has successfully defended her doctoral thesis

22.06.2022 Anna C. Ngo has successfully defended her doctoral thesis

29.09.2020 Antje Kumpf has successfully defended her doctoral thesis


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