Research Group Microbial Biotechnology

  • 2021 - Our first iGEM Team earns a gold medal for their project!
  • 2021 - Our iGEM Team is represented in press and TV.
  • 2021 - Approval oft he project „EnzymPrint“ as a BMWi supported project together with Hirsch Engineering Solutions GmbH & Co. KG; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2020 - Dirk Tischler was announced as Counry Ambassador for the American Society for Microbiology to Germany
  • 2020 - Dirk Tischler was elected into the Board of the common specialist group "Biotransformations" of DECHEMA and VAAM
  • 2019 - Approval of MERCUR Starting Grant „Functionalization of bacterial metabolites from the degradation of aromatic compounds: Glutathione S-Transferases“; contact: Dirk Tischler
  • 2018 - Successful approval of the BioCOnversion project; contact: Carolin Mügge
  • 2018 - Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology in Wolfsburg

29.09.2020 Antje Kumpf has successfully defended her doctoral thesis

2020 - Group participated at the VAAM meeting in Leipzig, Antje and Marika had poster pitch and short presentation

2020 - Marika presented her work on Siderophores at the VAAM Leipzig


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